WEEK # 9 – Final Pitch

Week # 9 was hectic and sleepless. The teams started to feel the pressure and it was time to produce! It was all about preparing for the final presentation for our projects! here is how we did it…


One of the funnest parts of this hectic process was filming our video. We had an amazing staff of producers and editors that assisted us in the process. We had to come up with a script, visuals, and actually show up to the studio to film!.. I have to say, using a teleprompter is not as easy as it sounds! Here are some photos of us in the studio and in the lab filming some footage of our prototype.


One of the most difficult things was putting together the final pitch presentation, because you have only 5 minutes to communicate 4 weeks worth of work, research, validation, market, mission, vision and tech. It was a very interesting process full of pivots itself. I learned a lot about storytelling and communication, we would pitch to many different people for feedback and we were amazed by discovering how perception works and how everyone received a slightly different message even though we were saying the same words. Below is a photo of me practicing on stage with my banana mic the night before our Final Presentations.

IMG_7646 IMG_8032


This was the best day of the whole program.. All the teams got to present their projects to a panel of 18 judges that included Investors, faculty, google executives, among others. I was blown away from what every team came up with, all the projects were incredible, at this point I realized once again how fortunate I am to be surrounded by 79 of the brightest and caring minds I’ve even known and I am proud to call them family.

I got the opportunity to pitch for my team BananaLoop, I realized that I enjoy being on stage, although I am only good if I practice… which I did for many hours! Below are some photos of myself pitching and then with my team during the Q&A.


A common thread you see across this post is our banana phones! Part of our marketing strategy happened organically and all of a sudden everyone was talking to a banana phone calling BananaLoop! Even Peter Diamandis joined the trend! Below is a photo of us with Peter talking to our bananaloop phones 🙂


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