WEEK #10 – The End or the Beginning?


The last week you would hear everyone around saying: this is our last Monday breakfast at SU, this is our last soccer game, this is our last wine and cheese at hangar one, this is our last party, our last (fill in the blank…) but really… deep down this is just the beginning of an amazing journey of 80 individuals trying to change the world, in the meantime, 80 individuals that became a family. Below are some pictures of some of our “lasts”… which will “last” forever… (wow very “cursi” as they say in my country.


This is kind of the fun fact of this post, but as promised (if you were following) I bring you the sequel of the exponential pictures at Hangar One! here it is!



The night after the Final Pitches the staff organized a Movie Premiere Night with a Hollywood theme to watch all the videos produced for every team. It was such a nice evening full of celebration and relief at the same time! We had a red carpet where we took pictures, then there was popcorn and nachos just like at the theater! I was blown away once again with all the videos that everyone put together! After we watched them all we just celebrated! as we do best 🙂 here are some photos of that night…


Then… we graduated! The day after the final pitches we had a very nice dinner with the CEO and Founders of Singularity where we received our diplomas and signed each other’s books… it was a moving night, happy and sad at the same time…


The closing ceremony is where we showcased our projects to the world. Over 800 people attended the event and each team had an exhibition booth with our projects. One of my favorite projects was created by Marita and Alberto, Aipoly, an intelligent photo app for the visually impaired that uses computer vision and machine learning to describe with sentences what is in front of them… you can learn more about them here: http://aipoly.com/

Here some other places where you can read more about the projects and the class: Singularity HubWoman At South Bay College On Quest To Shake Up Tech IndustryAipoly Puts Machine Vision In The Hands Of The Visually Impaired

The journey of “what I did these past 10 weeks” ends here… but a new one begins, which is “what I learned“, “what I will do next” and “what do I take with me?“… as the title of this posts says it, this feels so much more like a new beginning.

I take with me the motivation to believe that anyone, anywhere has the power to change the world and to positively impact the lives of millions of people.

I take with me 79 new friends with amazing stories and a FAMILY that will continue to grow from this point on.

I take with me the realization that technology when combined with creativity and crazy moonshots, can in fact be a force for good and change the world, by itself its just a piece of the puzzle.

I take with me a new mindset and a new perspective that I will do my best to try to explain after I get some time to reflect on what just happened these 10 weeks…

Stay Tuned and See you soon!

Here… this is my amazing GSP15 family!


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