WEEK # 7 & 8 – Roller Coaster

I have been very behind in my blog posts! but with a good excuse…. These two weeks were a roller coaster! The team projects phase kicked off and we got our office spaces! In parenthesis… We had to pick our own teams and trying to figure out among 80 people who you work well with, similar interests, complementary skills, chemistry, etc etc etc it is NOT simple! (to say the least, I had 3 different teams in one week!)

So finally, this is my amazing team: Banana Loop!

This is BananaLoop doing a tour on waste and recycling in San Francisco

This is BananaLoop doing a tour on waste and recycling in San Francisco (on a goat farm at the moment)

Charlotte from France, Grace from the UK and Andrea from Germany!

During these two weeks we explored, talked to people, researched, built an aquaponic farm, brainstormed 3 times a day and pivoted twice as much! Here are some photos of our team in action!

Welcome to our office space! We got our own office for the remainder of the program, where each team develops their projects.CDN15_07406


This week was also the most awaited party of the summer, the Space Masquerade! Everyone dresses up as anything they want related to space, science fiction, or anything in general! Teresa, Emilia and myself dressed as the Powerpuff Girls! and some of the other costumes were amazing… here are some photos!

And this photo… as you can see.. my dress blends into the background because i had a green dress and the background was a green screen! so my head is floating 🙂



Right after the Space Masquerade I flew to Miami for 2 days for my good friend Valentina’s Wedding! Flash trip to say the least… but all worth it!


WEEK 8 continued with team projects and we also had EUROPE’S Culture night! Here are some photos…


Because we are not busy at all and have nothing else to worry about… (yeah right) we also have some side projects such as: COLOR CHANGING MAKE UP! We found ourselves on a Wednesday night prototyping color changing lipstick in the kitchen, using some “stuff” that I don’t know how to pronunciate (I’m surrounded by biotech people, so I just tried it on when it was ready!) I only know we used coconut based oil and the antioxidant was the substance that changed color when you put it on..

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