WEEK # 6 – Google [X]


The most exciting part of this week was our visit to Google [x]!, a semi secret facility run by Google dedicated to making major technological advances. We had an introduction to their most current projects, a tour past the sign that read “No visitors beyond this point” and an informal cocktail hour with some Google X’ers.
Some of the interesting projects include, Project Loon, Soli, Self driving cars, smart contact lenses and more!
We also had Astro Teller, the head of Google X, come into the room in roller blades to chat with us…!

He is probably the most “celebrity like” speaker we’ve had so far, (1.45M twitter followers might mean something…) Guy Kawasaki was one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing the Macintosh in 1984, and he has done some many things after that!



One of the late night workshops this week was a tour to the offices of MADE IN SPACE, a company that emerged from Singularity U in 2010. They were the first ones manufacture in space with a Zero gravity 3D printer. They are currently in contract with NASA and already have a working 3D printer in the international Space station. The idea is that instead of sending objects and supplies to space, they can essentially manufacture on demand what they actually need… the first thing they printed was a ratchet, see photo below!


Copy of the first Ratchet printed in space


At this point of the program, we are forming teams to work on projects for the rest of the summer. We kicked off the team project phase with a Startup Weekend, where we had to rapidly identify a problem and develop a viable solution along with a business plan, market research and prototypes. In 36 hours we had to pitch our projects to a panel of judges that included investors, Google executives, SU faculty and other industry experts.
Here are some photos of me and my team along the way, presenting our idea. It was a very good start to getting to know each other under pressure!

For the previous Startup Weekend a few weeks ago we had a chance to speak to the head of the 3D Systems Culinary lab team and they sent us a gift of 3D printed candy! This is me below trying it out! Very sugary!



As promised…. the curve keeps growing… as part of our Friday night tradition, we have wine and cheese at hangar one! Here is the curve this week, this time it was almost dark! but you can still see it…



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